Why Derek Associates

Derek Associates is a small, independent consulting company. We work with companies who value their Human Capital and whose core values and corporate culture is motivational, fair, team-oriented and supports life/work balance. From mid-level to top management, we will facilitate the hiring process for both active searches and strategic hires.

Joren Fishback is Principal Consultant and President of Derek Associates, Inc. He has over 30 years experience and has specialized in the Environmental Industry since 1988. He has participated in the New England Environmental Expo, American Waterworks Conferences and the ACEC "The Road to Principal" as a presenter and as session chair. His current focus is bringing the environmental and related industries into a more nimble approach to Human Resources through Recruiting and Strategic Hiring.

Why Derek Associates for Companies

Your core values and corporate culture can attract (or repel) top talent.

We will start by evaluating your:
Interview techniques and strategies
The hiring/decision-making process
Job description and hiring criteria
Attitudes towards human resources, recruiting and hiring

We can help you become an "employer of choice"
To attract and retain top talent
To empower your staff for success
To enhance your corporate culture

Why Derek Associates For Candidates

Most often, the catalyst for change is dissatisfaction, even misery - perhaps not the best time to evaluate your career and your plans for growth. We will help you visualize your career for a better opportunity especially in regards to training, growth, life/work balance, compensation, - even your commute. All inquiries are confidential and complimentary.