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Recruiting firms are specialized management consulting firms that offer services beyond recruiting candidates - such as: assessing an organization and its culture, advising executive leadership and boards and supporting decision-makers with industry-specific expertise and knowledge and in-depth research, networking, and exhaustive screening and vetting.

Human Capital is the core of your business.

No contract can be won, no job successfully completed, and no revenue received without the technical brilliance and business acumen of your staff. Most bids include descriptions of how your team shines. In this very tight labor market, your company must become competitive in the search for and acquisition of talent, and the retention of current staff.

At Derek Associates we offer a holistic approach to the recruiting process which includes understanding the big picture:

  • The importance of the right person in the right position
  • The often overlooked costs of empty slots
  • The current market and the devestating result of the knowledge worker shortage
  • The importance of company culture
  • And, "being versus doing," training, compensation, flexible schedules, and many other factors that contribute to hiring success in today's market

How does your company view the recruiting process?

Job descriptions that snooze or stimulate.

Lengthly and inefficient HR procecures or a quick responsive path foward.

Is recruiting on the bottom of almost every manager's list or are hiring managers eager to acquire the best of the best for their department.

Recruiting and Strategic Hiring

The terms "recruitment" and "strategic hiring" are often used to describe the processes involved in finding and hiring candidates. But, recruitment and strategic hiring are not the same thing.

Recruitment due to someone leaving or promoted or to a newly created job is a reactive process to an open position.

It is basic and necessary activity at every company. Although it requires more subtlety than one would think, and can often overlap with strategic hiring, it involves creating exceptional job descriptions, streamlining the interview process, and understanding the decision-making process, from the point of view of both the company and the candidate.

Strategic Hiring also called Strategic Talent Acquisition is an on-going process involving building relationships, anticipating future hiring needs and creating a sustainable pool of candidates.

Developing and nurturing a talent "pipeline" based on a long-term vision is the basis of strategic hiring. It is rarely done in today's market because of a chronic shortage of knowledge workers - open positions rule the day. Overworked managers and Doer-Sellers rarely have the time or skills to pursue these relationships; ditto for HR.

Derek Associates is a leader in recruiting and strategic hiring offering the skills and experience necessary to help your company become an "Employer of Choice." Some things to consider:

What motivates happily employed prospects who are content and satisfied with their compensation and job.

Job descriptions that inspire not simply describe.

Streamlining and improving your interview and decision-making processes.

Building a sustainable "pipeline" of prospective candidates from across our industry.

Removing HR from the core of the process and shifting to direct management involvement. Yes, it can be done and is critical to on-going successful outcomes.

Cost Analysis of all recruiting processes.

Our Services:

Contract Recruiting:

The Contract Recruiting Option is based on an hourly rate and not tied to salary percentages. This allows for a more transparent process giving all participants maximum flexibility and successful outcomes. Candidates and Hiring Managers are more at ease knowing that hiring outcomes are not driven by the financial gain of any party - rather they are focused on what is best for client and candidate.

During the contract term we work with management and decision-makers to understand your corporate culture as it relates to hiring and recruiting. For information on fees and contract terms, please contact our office.

Retained Search

You can retain Derek Associates with a non-refundable percentage of a salary-based fee. The balance of the fee is due when the search is completed. Retained search is best for a high-profile, exclusive search.