Services for Candidates

Don't let the catalyst for change be dissatisfaction, unhappiness, or even misery.
It should be a better opportunity - one that furthers your career and life goals.

Why look at new opportunities?

If you are not unhappy in your job, this is the ideal time to explore new opportunities - but only if it is better than the one you have; and one that will further your career and life goals.

We almost always recruit people who are currently employed with a focus on:

Your commute

Your paycheck

Work/ Life balance



Our business model is not based on sales commissions

This gives us the freedom and transparency to serve companies and candidates equally. The ultimate goal being candidates whose career/life goals are met and companies who can acquire exceptional talent.

As a candidate, be assured that Derek Associates will hold our conversations in the strictest confidence and will never disclose them to any hiring organization without your agreement.

In truth, initial conversations often result in on-going beneficial relationships: Your career/life goals may evolve and become more clear; while your insight and experience add to our understanding of the market and the subtlties of corporate life.

Are you unemployed or "mentally unemployed?"

Please call us to discuss your career path.

We offer complimentary resume review and advice.