At Derek Associates we recognize the industry-wide shortage of knowledge workers and the fierce competition for the best of best. Before starting any search, before any candidate considers your opportunity: We ask: Who are you? Why would I want to work at your company? What are your core values— from life/work balance to training and mentoring programs. Are you an "Employer of Choice" or is your company suffering from the "Opportunity Gap?"

Specializing in:
Strategic hiring
Building a talent pipeline
Streamlining the hiring and decision making process
Identifying and attracting currently employed top performers
A candidate-centric approach

What we can help you with:

Interview techniques and strategies
The hiring/decision making process
Job descriptions and hiring criteria
Are Managers held accountable for bringing in talent?

What are your core values?
Do your core values and company culture attract and keep talent?
What values appeal to multi-generational talent?

Contract Recruiting
Retrained Search

Why should you look at new opportunites?
Are you an unemployed candidate?

Your core values and corporate culture can attract (or repel) top talent.

Most often, the catalyst for change is dissatisfaction, even misery - perhaps not the best time to evaluate your career and your plans for growth.